Hair hygrometer after Horace Bénédict de Saussure, late 18th c.

Hair hygrometer after Horace Bénédict de Saussure, late 18th c.

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Horace Bénédict de Saussure type hair hygrometer with thermometer, probably German, late 18th century.



Countries of manufacture

Germany, Switzerland

Categories: Scientific, Barometers & Meteorology, Natural history, Surveying Instruments & Mining


In 1783, Horace Benedict de Saussure (1740-1799), a Swiss physicist, and geologist made the first hair hygrometer, using human hair to measure humidity. This type of mechanical hygrometer makes use of the principle that organic substances expand and contract according to changes in relative humidity. The device was calibrated by exposing it to extremes of total saturation and dehydration, thereby establishing the hair’s length at 0 and 100 % humidity respectively. It consists of a wooden frame on which a hair is streched, secured by small jaws, and passing over a pulley with a pointer. A counterweight, connected to the pulley, kept the bundle taut. The hair, which functions as a hygroscopic substance, varies in length with air humidity. The changes can be read on a semicircular silvered scale registering the positions of the pointer. .

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