Haye’s Surveying Compendium – Surveying Compass And Quadrant, Circa 1710

Haye’s Surveying Compendium – Surveying Compass And Quadrant, Circa 1710



circa 1710

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Categories: Scientific, Surveying Instruments & Mining


An interesting and unusual Thomas Haye’s compendium of a surveying compass and on the back a geometric quadrant. We can date the instrument from 1700-1710.

Both instruments are mounted or engraved on a squarre plate of brass measuring 12×12 cm. 

The plate is supported by a balljoint and can be mounted on both sides by three decorative screws.


The surveying compass is composed of a very elegant compass nicely engraved and with silvered circle to 0 to 280 degrees. Around the compass are fixed to unmoveable sights.

The geometric quadrant is engraved with a quarter-circle of 0° to 90°. The quarter circle’s center is pierced with a hole for supporting a string and plumb bob (not present). Furthermore, along the square limb, is engraved a shadow square, numbered 0 to 100 then 100 to 0, each division divided in 10.

This side is made for simple measurement of solar or stellar altitude or for simple inclination measurements. The shadow square allows to measure the linear height of an object.


Thomas Haye is a little rare but important French instrument maker, mostly famous for his instrument for making sundials, sundials and surveying instruments. He wrote a book about that. Haye was active in Paris from 1690 to 1720.

The wooden base is modern and the outer part of the ball joint too.

A rare and elegant surveying compendium bearing an important French signature.

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