Jellyfish Fossil

Jellyfish Fossil


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Jellyfish. Cyclomedusa plana.

Unfortunately, most classes of echinoderm are extinct.  So it is rare to have such a good specimen as this one.

Jellyfish are named “soft fossils” as there is very little for fossilisation. They have no bones or shells.  This one lived during the Cambrian period, about 500 million years ago. We are fortunate that this one probably ended it’s life in mud rather than soft sand, and so left traces.

You don’t have to be a geologist/palaeontologist to wonder that this little creature is still telling a story 500 million years later.  It is a wonder, something that makes my mind go wobbly!

It was discovered in Utah, USA, one of the earliest creatures to have tissue for specific purposes.  Just remember, in the evolutionary calendar a jellyfish could be 700 million years old.  This makes them 700 million years older than the first dinosaurs.

Wonderful fossil. Wish I have 20 for sale but have just this one.  I am sitting, looking at it as I write this. Stunning!

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