Large Stanley’s Patent theodolite.

Large Stanley’s Patent theodolite.




Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Scientific, Surveying Instruments & Mining


This large japanned brass theodolite stands 15″ high with both horizontal and vertical circles having a diameter of 6″, the verniers numbered A,B,C,D, and reading to 20 arc seconds, with a telescope length giving a good, clear inverted image with cross hairs.

The horizontal plate is signed, ‘Stanley, London. 10829. Patent”, with the base plate engraved, ‘Stanley’s Patent’.

There have been no less than 79 patents made by W.F. Stanley since 1860. I believe the patent on this instrument relates to longitudinal holes to retain the ball ends of the tribach adjusting screws instead of a retaining plate.

Thiiss very heavy instrument comes in its large mahogany case with a 6.25″ trough compass, kerosene lamp and holder. The bakelite grips are missing from the lamp body.

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