Leslie,s cube

Leslie,s cube

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Leslie,s cube antique heat radiation instrument



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UK and Ireland

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Leslie,s cube complete with the Original thermometer with a scale to 115 celcius because of the use off boiled water 


Leslie’s cube is a device used in the measurement or demonstration of the variations in thermal radiation emitted from different surfaces at the same temperature. It was devised in 1804 by John Leslie (1766–1832), a Scottish mathematician and physicist.[1] In the version of the experiment described by John Tyndall in the late 1800s,[2] one of the cube’s vertical sides is coated with a layer of white paint another with a layer ofblack paint a third with a layer of copper, The cube is made from a solid block of brass with a central cavity. In use, the cavity was filled with hot water; the entire cube has essentially the same temperature as the water. The thermal detector showed much greater emission from the side with black paint than from any of the other sides.


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