Mammoth Tusk

Mammoth Tusk


Mammoth Tusk, Russia

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Let me begin by saying that this is a tusk of a young elephant and is in excellent condition.  It is a mammoth tusk,  Mammuthus Pre  magenius.  Found in Siberia, Russia.

This mammoth is known to most as a “woolly mammoth” which ranged across Asia, Europe and North America.  It lived in the Interglacial period, Pleistocene 50 to 30,000 years ago.  Because of the cold it’s skin developed a thick coat of matted hair.  They grew to a height of 4.5 metres worked by cave-dwellers in Europe, who attacked and herded the animals over cliffs or killed them with large rope-swung stone hammers.

A number of the bodies of these mammals have been found intact due to the permafrost of Polar regions.  Most became extinct toward the end of the Pleistocene.

What else can I say?  Simply, it is lovely, stunning and well-worth the price.  Do look at the photographs.

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