Mammoth Ulna

Mammoth Ulna


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Well now, this is a big lump of bone, it is a Mammoth ulna. This is the long bone found in the forearm and runs from the elbow to the hand. It comes from one of the first true elephants, the Mammoth.

This  Mammuthus Primigenius (to give them their full name), is  also known as the “Wooly Mammoth”.  These ranged from Western Europe to Asia and North America. They stood about 9 foot  (2.8metres) high.

This ulna has been put on a stand to make displaying it much more easy. A worth-while addition.

This mammoth was discovered at the Brown Fishing Bank in the North Sea and comes from the Pleistocene Interglacial period. Roughly about 50,000 years ago.

Beware! North Sea fossils are becoming very rare due to the E.U. Prohibition of sea-bed trawling. (Not a bad decision).

Just to let you know.  I also have a perfect and rare complete Mammoth rib and a number of good Mammoth teeth.

There is something homely about the Mammoth!

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