Nª1 Powell&Lealand binocular brass microscope (1865)

Nª1 Powell&Lealand binocular brass microscope (1865)

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Offered for sale is a Nª 1 Powell&Lealand binocular microscope



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Offered for sale is a Nª 1 Powell&Lealand binocular microscope, probably one of the best victorian microscope ever made. This huge microscope, was the top of the models made by Powell&Lealand, founder members of the Royal Microscope Society and probably the most known of them. The microscope was made in 1865, as shown in number engraved under the fine focus knob. The microscope stands more than 50 cm in working position and is very heavy. Very well made, it is still in very good condition but has some work to do. It has a mechanical stage with X-Y movements and twisting stage. Under the stage the is a complete condenser set wth micrometer X-Y movement and rotating knob. Mirror is in perfect condition on both sides and Wenham prism is also present. Focus is by rack and pinion but the last one is worn out and should be replaced. Fine focus is tightened. The eyepieces are not original and one of the objectives shows some delamination.The binocular tubular gear is loose. It must be tightened but I don’t have the apropiate tool.  Everything else is in good condition.

It is a unique oportunity to get a legendary microscope at small price with little work.

Shipping to Europe is 40€ and 80€ worldwide

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Based in Barcelona, Spain, Viafora specialises in antique scientific instruments, especially microscopes. Selling on eBay as 080bcn since 2003, Viafora has a record of excellent customer service.

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