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An unsigned, English, Victorian camera lucida of odd construction


20 x 3 x 1



Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Spectacles, Drawing Instruments, Natural history, Engineering antiques, Magic Lanterns & Optical Toys, Office Antiques, Other Technology Antiques, Patent & Salesmans Samples, Tools, Other Cameras, Other


An atypical English, Victorian camera lucida of odd construction but of improved light reducing features c.1880. A lot of thought has gone in to the form and function of this instrument. Typical C-clamp with two extension arms ( last one graduated for distance), this bright orange lacquered artist’s aid has large knurled, tightening collars and pivoting arms to control the angle of the prism ( Wollaston-type). Again, very typical English construction with one important exception. The neutral density filters so commonly seen as small rectangles (or larger removable rectangles in French versions) are found on a bent arm and are large, oval and wing-shaped (like a pair of folding spectacles). Simplistic yet efficient design modification with no known patent. Unsigned and rarely used, it is 10″ long but extends to 20″. For the discriminating collector of these optical instruments. 

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CA ScientificaOpticae

Scientifica Opticae

Mark Hacking (Scientifica Opticae Inc.) has been an avid collector/dealer for over 30 years. A former Science teacher, he has an innate love for anything natural or mechanical. Specializing in optical (microscopes, telescopes), surveying, medical, weighing and drawing instruments, he is an active participant of the Scientific Instrument Fair in London. Living in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, with his wife and two children; Mark looks forward to meeting as many fellow collectors as possible, and has a worldwide following on eBay (Sciopti).

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