Ophthalmology: Huizinga’s Punctumeter

Ophthalmology: Huizinga’s Punctumeter


Huizinga "Punctumeter"


Length: 15


First 1/4 20th Century

Country of manufacture

North America

Categories: Diagnostics, Spectacles


This ophthalmological  instrument was patented  by J.G. Huizinga,MD on April 29, 1902. In an article in the   JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION  ( 1902;XXXVIII(17):1095.) he notes:

“The punctumeter is an instrument for ascertaining the range of accommodation. Its name signifies a point-measurer, i. e., to measure the far and near points of vision. The difference between these two points equals the range of accommodation. For several years I have been impressed with a lack of reliable methods for making these measurements. No instrument for obtaining this information being in existence, I began to study whether it would not be possible to have one constructed on scientific principles. After the usual history of trials and failures I am at last able to present to the profession an instrument which I believe to be absolutely reliable. It is so constructed that it can also be used as a rapid test for any of the errors of refraction and in this respect I know of no instrument that is superior to it.”

The example we are offering was made by Hardy & Co, the noted Chicago optical house.  Length: 15″ or 37.5 cm. 


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