Ptolemaic Armillary Sphere by Delamarche, circa 1840-1851

Ptolemaic Armillary Sphere by Delamarche, circa 1840-1851

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41 cm height ; 18 cm diameter



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A totally unrestored medium-size armillary sphere by  Félix or Alexandre Delamarche. The armillary measures 41 cm height and the armillary 18 cm diameter ; the small globe measures around 5,5 cm diameter.

The globe is signed “Delamarche // N°7 // rue du Battoir // Paris”.

This medium size is a little unsual and quite attractive.


This armillary was manufactured around between 1840 et 1851 by Félix, the son of Charles-François Delamarche, or Alexandre Delamarche, the grandson of Charles-François. 

Even if Marcelin claims that “A. Delamarche seems have no link with the Delamarche family”, Alexandre (1815-1884) seems well to be the son of the most famous Félix who died in 1847. Félix was already established in 7 rue du Battoir since the early 1840s’. 

The name of the street, “rue du Battoir”, changed of name in 1851 for “rue Serpente”, so we can date this armillary sphere from the early 1840s’ to 1851.

Thereafter, Grosselin will collaborate with Alexandre Delamarche and the firm will take the name of “Maison Delamarche” before being bought by Bertaux then Thomas.


The wooden turned stand and its zodiac circle are in good and original condition. The armillary is mounted in an equinoctial and solstitial structure, also in good general condition without any restoration.

The armillary itself is in genuine condition, only quite dirty with some plays in its structure and movements.

The only really flaw is a lack of paper of half-part one of gores of the central small earth globe.


Sell as it is (see pictures of exact and crude condition).

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