SOLD – R & J Beck binocular microscope.

SOLD – R & J Beck binocular microscope.




Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Scientific, Microscopy


SOLD – Signed on the foot, ‘R & J Beck, London and Philadelphia, 11699’, the microscope tilts backwards on the compass joint; with course and fine focus, plano concave mirror, the thick plate glass stage can be moved in multi directions and designed to take any size slide (small nibble to top, right corner). The rack works fine and smoothly and the microscope is very clean, retaining all lacquer.

It has accessories to the case and also within a seperate case which includes:

Condenser with wheel of filters and light stops.
Dark spot condenser.
Sub stage polarizer.
Dark well holder.
2 x nose piece lieberkuhns.
Glass trough.
Double nose piece.
3 x objectives; R & J Beck 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″.
3 x high power eye pieces.
2 x medium power eyepieces.
2 x low powered eye pieces.
Stage forceps.
Stage magnifyer on articulated arm.
Contained in mahogany case with handle, lock and key.
The microscope can be dated to 1883 – 84.


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