Rare and nice late 19th century

Rare and nice late 19th century


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Rare and nice late 19th century

“The Magic Mirror – Anamorphic pictures”



The Magic Mirror is an optical toy.

The distorted (or anamorphic) picture, it was a very popular children’s parlor toy during the 19th century.

The tubular mirror is placed verticaly in the center of the circle and then when the reflected design is viewed in the mirror, the hidden picture will be revealed.

These hidden pictures will came only to life when viewed through tubular reflecting mirror that can transformed the distorted designs into understanding pictures.


It  come with 8 images (19x18cm) on cardboard and a tubular mirror.very good conditions.

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IT Eppursimuove


Eppursimuove is located in the northwest of Italy. I deal with antique scientific instruments and their history. This passion has turned into a profession that leads me every day in search of ancient instruments that helped us to observe, measure, explore and know the sky and the earth. They still amaze and make us wonder, as they did for their original makers and users. For this reason they must be preserved and collected. Please feel free contact me if you need more information on listed items. Thanks.