Station Pointer by John Lilley & Son Ltd., London & North Shields.

Station Pointer by John Lilley & Son Ltd., London & North Shields.




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UK and Ireland

Categories: Maritime, Navigational instruments


A good clean example constructed in brass, the circle of 4.5″ diameter has a silver scale divided from 0 – 180 running in both clockwise and anti clockwise directions, with the verniers reading to one minute.

A station pointer is used for plotting a ship’s position from horizontal sextant angles taken between two or more objects or geographical features. To use it, the angles measured by the sextant are used to set the positions of the movable arms around the circle on the station pointer. This can then be placed on a chart to draw position lines from the features observed and so plot the ship’s position.

The case measures 17.5 ” x 9″.



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I live in Lancashire (U.K.) and have been a dealer and collector of scientific and nautical instruments for a number of years. My stock has included some fine items from museums and colleges, which were surplus to their requirements. I occasionally purchase some interesting items from abroad, having established some reliable sources.

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