SOLD – Transit head in case by Latimer Clark.

SOLD – Transit head in case by Latimer Clark.




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UK and Ireland

Categories: Scientific, Telescopes, Surveying Instruments & Mining, Telescopes - Other, Timekeeping


SOLD – A 13″ transit telescope by Latimer Clark, japanned and lacquered brass construction with a 90 degree elbow eye-piece with detachable sun shade, cross sights, lens cap with additional peep-hole sighting, 4″ vertical scale reading from 0 – 90 in quadrants, inner vernier circle, 3.25″ bubble level and large 7″ stride level.

Please note there is no stand; the one seen in the pictures was quickly put together for display reasons only.

Secured in its wooden case together with a ‘Manual of the Transit Instrument’ and,  ‘A Treatise on the Transit Instrument’, both by Latimer Clark, with pictures, descriptions, scales, tables and how to set up and use.

Latimer Clark and users of this transit speak of how they could take a reading and deduce the correct time to the nearest second.


Latimer Clark was a telegraph engineer and electrician and also a devotee of astronomy and introduced this little transit instrument in 1882. There is much to read on the internet about him.

The transit is in very clean condition.

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