SOLD – Troughton & Simms double frame sextant.

SOLD – Troughton & Simms double frame sextant.




Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Maritime, Scientific, Navigational instruments, Surveying Instruments & Mining


SOLD – A good, clean double frame (pillar) 8″ sextant by Troughton & Simms, London all in excellent condition including mirrors and shades, a little strange that it has been enamel finished in turquoise which I haven’t seen before, but maybe this was the owners request. The silver scale reads up to 155 degrees with the vernier reading to 10 seconds of arc. The case holds two telescopes, a sighting tube and sun shade eyepiece, the last calibrated certificate to the lid dated 11/06/54.

The shaped case has various shipping labels to the base for the Pacific Line notably sailing from Valparaiso (Chile) to London with the owners name J.M. Stevenson attached.

‘Potosi’ was an iron screw steamer built in Glasgow 1873 and was broken up in 1897. The only record I can find of the ‘Potosi’ sailing from Valparaiso to London was on 24th Dec 1886, landing on 1st February 1887.

The mahogany handle incorporates a threaded lug, suggesting the sextant may have attached to a tripod for surveying purposes.

A very clean instrument.



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