Very large theodolite La Filotecnica, Ing A. Salmoiraghi.

Very large theodolite La Filotecnica, Ing A. Salmoiraghi.





Angelo Salmoiraghi

Country of manufacture


Categories: Scientific, Surveying Instruments & Mining


Very large and heavy, this brass theodolite stands 14 inches high and has a telescope length of 14 inches. The horizontal and vertical circles are enclosed; the horizontal scale has long, fixed telescopes with adjustable inner tubes. Light prisms are fixed to the outside edges. where the telescopes fix to the plate. A similar, smaller telescope is fitted to the vertical plate, also with light prism. The telescope has short rack and pinion focussing and has a light adjuster to the eye piece. The objective lens is 1.75″ diameter ( 4.5 cms ).

The horizontal plate is signed, “La Filotecnica”, Ing. A. Salmoirghi & C. Milano. 24921′. With various bubble levels, thumb screws, clamps and adjusters: it gives a good inverted image when brought to focus.

There is no case. Some prisms and lenses will need cleaning if the user decides to put it to practical use.

Filotecnica was founded in 1865. Subsequently, the control of the company 
was taken over by Angelo Salmoiraghi who led it to establish itself as the main
Italian company in the sector with the new name Filotecnica Salmoiraghi.
From 1877 the company made the first Italian sewing machines and by the end of
the century they were making precision optical instruments.

After Salmoiraghi's death (1939)the company became Salmoiraghi & Viganò.

Post will cost £55 to most of Europe, £110 to U.S.A.


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