Voltolini’s Palate Hook for Inspection of the Naso-Pharynx

Voltolini’s Palate Hook for Inspection of the Naso-Pharynx


Voltolini's Palate Hook for Inspection of the Naso-Pharynx





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A scarce example Voltolini’s Palate Hook, used for the examination of the naso-pharynx. The uvula can pose an impediment to posterior rhinoscopy.  The “wings”on the palate hook  were used to support the uvula in the middle line thus preventing it from obstructing the view.

Frederic Eric Rudolph Voltolini (1819-89) was a German ENT doctor who, apart from introducing several instruments , described  Voltoloni’s Disease, a disease of the labyrinth that can lead to deaf-mutism in children.

The instrument is in very good condition, noting a hairline in the ebony handle (see first image). Maker is H. Pfau. Pfau was founded in Berlin in 1837; today, after several takeovers, they remain in business in  Wanfried and continue to manufacture instruments under the name of  “Pfau“.



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