Wonderfully Restored and Polished Young & Sons Solar Transit – 1911

Wonderfully Restored and Polished Young & Sons Solar Transit – 1911


This is a beautifully restored Young and Sons Solar Transit that was purchased in 1911 and then used extensively for decades by the the United States General Land Office.



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This is an incredible instrument.  Beautifully restored and polished Young & Sons Solar Transit.  This instrument was purchased by the U.S. General Land Office in 1911.  See the attached scan of the original bill of lading.  The GLO used the instrument extensively in public land surveys for many years, especially in Wyoming and Montana.  I’ve tracked done some but not all of the surveying history.



The polish job on this instrument is fantastic.  I love how the brass and aluminum offset each other.  My 360 degree view doesn’t do this instrument justice from most angles.  I have to use strong lighting, and the lighting just doesn’t work with polished brass and I haven’t figured out a workaround.



Wonderful instrument with a replacement box and tripod.



The cross hairs are mostly present – one seems to be in tatters.  The optics are sharp.  Everything works on the transit, but I did not attempt to turn the Compass Vernier screw.  It appears the screw requires a special tool (a thick sewing needle) that I do not have handy, so I didn’t try to turn that screw.



This is a display- worthy instrument.  Eyes are immediately attracted by the brilliant offsetting of the brass and aluminum colors . 

Please see my Young & Sons Instrument Maker Webpage for more information about Young & Sons.


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Click Here to see more high resolution photos of the Young & Sons Solar Transit


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