X-Ray Localization:  Fürstanenau’s X-Ray Depth Gauge

X-Ray Localization: Fürstanenau’s X-Ray Depth Gauge


X-Ray Localization: Fürstanenau's X-Ray Depth Gauge


Length of case: 37cm.



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A very rare x-ray localization device: Fürstanenau’s X-Ray Depth Gauge (1915). While not  as elaborate as the Hirtz Compass, this instrument serves essentially the same function: the localization of foreign bodies. One might ask why such a device was necessary when by the time of its introduction radiography was already an effective diagnostic tool. René Van Tiggelen in his Radiology in a Trench Coat: Military radiology on the Western Front during the Great War (Brussels, 2013: 59) notes that:
“It is not only sufficient to recognize the presence of a projectile in the body to enable the surgeon to remove it. Therefore it is also necessary to determine its precise location, namely to determine the depth at which the object is located and its position relative to the muscles, organs and bones in the immediate surroundings (Fig. 75). The problem here posed is that a radiograph is a two-dimensional projection of a three-dimensional volume.” 
It is in excellent condition as is the case ,noting that the latch is missing from both closures. It retains its original instruction booklet. Length of case: 14.5″ or 37 cm. approx. 

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