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Fleaglass survives the VPS Disaster

As I’m sure your now aware has been down since last Saturday (the 16th of April 2016).

The reason for this lies entirely with our, then, hosting company, who accidentally erased a large number of websites they host.

We decided on Monday 18th that it was too risky to wait any longer for 123-reg to sort out the problems, if indeed they can, so we decided to implement our “disaster recovery” plan.

Implementing this disaster recovery plan meant transferring everything from our own back up to a new server in another location with a new hosting company and then redirecting the web-traffic by changing the IP routing.  Implementing this was not something that we could easily switch on and off in an instant. It took a couple of days to build and set up new server and transfer the backed up files.

We regret that some of the data will be missing as our last system back up was 4 weeks ago. We are far more lucky that some who have lost everything as they didn’t back up their sites outside of

Although this is situation not our fault we are deeply sorry for all of the problems that this has caused.

You can read a fuller version of this news item here.

Regards Matt & Keith
Team Fleaglass