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If you sell quality items in our specialist areas and wish to become a Fleaglass dealer please complete the ‘Dealer Application’ form via the button below. You should meet our professional standards if you wish to become a dealer.

Fees & payments

Fleaglass dealer membership is charged on a month by month basis at £29.99 inclusive of VAT.

Featured items are charged at £9.99 inclusive of VAT

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Why sell on Fleaglass.com?

Fleaglass has an excellent selection of antique, vintage and collectable scientific and medical items and early technology for sale. We have worked with industry experts to come up with a sensible and well thought out category structure enabling buyers to find items quickly.

Larger profits & hassle free….
We don’t charge commission for any of your sales from the site. Just a monthly membership fee with no contract. We can even offer a free inventory upload from your existing website at the start of your membership.

More sales….
Traffic to Fleaglass.com is by its very nature specifically targeted. Visitors to the site are looking for antique and vintage scientific and medical items so they will be interested in your stock. Being part of the Fleaglass site boosts the ranking of your item listings with search engines. Also once on the site, visitors like to trawl the listings. This is something that can’t be easily done using a search engine alone.

Instant ecommerce….
Don’t have an online store? You do now. Much cheaper than running and hosting your own site and we take care of all the time consuming SEO.

Our history
Launched in 2007 we have been helping dealers of scientific and medical antiques to sell in one marketplace. The site has grown and developed over the years to become the leading website for dealers in these specialist fields. Thousands of satisfied buyers from individual collectors to museums and institutions have bought items advertised on Fleaglass over the years. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling online.

One-off sales

Anyone who does not wish to become a dealer but has one-off antique scientific or medical instruments or early technology they wish to sell has various options.  All the auction houses advertised on Fleaglass offer an excellent service and Fleaglass dealers are always interested in new items. You can contact dealers directly by completing the “Ask the Dealer” forms you can find via any of their listings on Fleaglass.

The Fleaglass management are here to help , so please use our Contact Us form if you want further advice.