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Antique wooden stand for Crookes tubes

An antique wooden stand for Crookes tubes, from an old Italian school, early 1900’s.

Great conditions (I can only notice a little bented hook, please look at the pics), height 26 cm, 7 hooks

Antique Crookes Tube, with green uranium component

Antique Crookes Tube, with green component.

NOT tested, but no visible damages

Antique Crookes radiometer

An antique Crookes radiometer from an Italian collection, late 1800’s-early 1900’s.

Blown glass, great design, in perfect condition, height 18 cm

(in the pictures some other instruments from the same collection, on sale here as well in separate ads)

Antique Crookes Maltese Cross Tube, Italy, ca. 1920’s

A fine example of Crookes tube with Maltese cross, precursor of the cathode tube. It demonstrates the rectilinear motion of the rays, so that the interposed elements generates shadows, Italy, circa 1920’s.

I don’t have the opportunity to test it and so I cannot guarantee about it’s working condition, but everything seems fine, no broken pieces floating around.