A fine equinoctial Compass Sundial by Johann Willebrand (c. 1658-1726)

A fine equinoctial Compass Sundial by Johann Willebrand (c. 1658-1726)

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a brass and silver compass dial by one of the best instrument makers of Augsburg


c. 5,3 x 5,7 cm


between 1703 and 1726

Country of manufacture


Category: Portable Sundials


A fine equinoctial Compass Sundial by Johann Willebrand (c. 1658-1726) 

signed at the back

„Johann Willebrand, In Augspurg 48“

as well as the names and latitudes of 34 european towns engraved to the bottom of the compass.

The hour scales graduated from 3 – 12 and 1 – 9, the latitude arc from 20 to 90 degrees, the compass with blued steel needle with abbreviations of the cardinal directions: S/E (Septentrio for North), M/E (Meridies for South), O/R (Oriens for East) and O/C (Occidens for West). The ring, the latitude arc and the plummet support are finely engraved and show a great amount of workmanship.

All in a not matching leather case (probably older) with brass hook.

Johann Mathias Willebrand (around 1658-1726) was a Mechanicus and watchmaker in Augsburg, Germany, where he began to learn and work by his stepbrother Johann Martin from 1682 on. From 1703 on he opened shop on his own and built watches, sundials and astronomical instruments on the highest level.


Maximilian Bobinger: Alt-Augsburger Kompassmacher, Hans Rösler Verlag, Augsburg 1966.

Provenance: Austrian private collection.

Condition: good original and untouched condition, abrasion of silvering on bottom (see picture)

Dimensions: 5,3 x 5,7 cm 

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