A rare pair of Hamon’s 1860s Retroceps by Gueride

A rare pair of Hamon’s 1860s Retroceps by Gueride


A rare pair of Hamon's C1860s Retroceps





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A rare pair of  Hamon’s Retroceps, that were first introduced in 1864. In 1869 Hamon published his Ma​nuel du retroceps (forceps asymétrique).... in which he describes the forceps and provides instructions for their use–see last image. Das notes  that unlike most forceps that  “hold the head on opposite ends of one or other of its diameters. The retro-ceps (retro​ behind and capere to seize) of Hamon of La Rochelle (as the derivation of the word implies) ,catches the head at the back, whatever be the portion of the circumferences , to which it may be applied; the two blades are always placed behind the head, which they hold rather like a hand  introduced flatly along the inferior floor of the vagina and penetrating in front of the posterior lip of the cervix. (Das,K.  Obstetric Forceps… Calcutta, 1929:411)”. Quoting from the Phisick site: “The left blade can be rotated and is anchored in position within the ​[polished steel]​ handle by a fixed pin which fits into one of [5] holes in the steel disk at the proximal end of the blade. The right blade does not rotate but and be abducted or adducted by loosening or tightening the screw on the right of the handle.”​ Maker is Gueride working in Paris. We know this pair was made before 1875 because Gueride was taken over by Mariaud in that year. 

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