Anatomical model mouthparts Hymenoptera, bee and wasp order (1/4)

Anatomical model mouthparts Hymenoptera, bee and wasp order (1/4)

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23 x 18 x 13 cm


C 1900

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Mouthparts of the Hymenoptera(apparato boccale di imenottero)

The Hymenoptera are a large order of insects represented by over 150,000 different species. These insects get their name from their thin and transparent wings. Well-known species of them are ants, bumblebees, wasps and bees. These hymenoptera live in more or less large societies, sometimes organised in hives. These species can be found in all parts of our planet but prefer the tropical forests. In many cases, this order has two pairs of membranous wings, without hair or scales. The name of the hymenoptera is derived from the Greek hymn “membrane” and pteròn “wing”.

Enough about the wings now, we are dealing with “Apparato boccale di imenottero” (Italian), which means “Mouth parts of Hymenoptera”. Therefore, we are talking about the mouth parts of this order. The head of the hymenoptera is relatively large and easily distinguished from the rest of the body. The facet eyes are often elongated and placed more to the sides. Unlike many bipeds, the eyes do not touch. On the top of the head there are three ocelli, very small eye-like structures which are much less sensitive than the facet eyes which are made up of many small lenses. Hymenoptera cannot perceive red colours, but can perceive ultraviolet light, which is invisible to humans.

An anatomical model has been made of these parts and gives a good representation, which can be seen in the photos. You can also see that this model belongs in a set of 4, so it is not sold separately. As is shown, there are several important parts of the mouth numbered and descripted.

The retailer of the objects is the company G.B. Paravia & Cia. and was founded by Giovanni Battista Paravia in Turin, Italy, in 1902.  Dimensions: 23 x 18 x 13 cm.

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