Antique Ornate Opiate Syringe Set

Antique Ornate Opiate Syringe Set


A late19th, early 20th-century opiate syringe set of French origin



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Categories: Medicine, Other Medical Antiques


A rare antique opiate syringe set dressed in an ornately decorated nickel-plated floral case. This particular syringe is of French origin. The size of this case allowed for easy transport while on the go, and could easily be carried in a coat pocket or small bag. This set is complete with three needles and two medication vials, which would have carried an analgesic solution prepared for hypodermic or venous injection. The glass vial is equipped with a removable stopper at which the syringe is mounted and the solution aspirated within. 

Measurements (approximate): 

3.5″ x 2.25″ x 0.75″

Weight (approximate):

176 gms

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