Charming Equinoctial Sundial Langlois aux Galleries du Louvre

Charming Equinoctial Sundial Langlois aux Galleries du Louvre


Charming Equinoctial Sundial Langlois aux Galleries du Louvre







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Categories: Timekeeping, Scientific, Portable Sundials


Charming Equinoxial octogonal shaped signed Langlois Aux Galleries du Louvre à Paris

The bottom of the compass is engraved with a wind rose in sixteen directions with the four cardinal points. Original blued steel hand with brass pivot. The hour circle is graduated on the top in Roman numerals from 3 to 12 and 1 to 8, and on the inside in Arabic numerals from 4 to 12 and 1 to 8. The underside of the hour circle is engraved with two cities with their latitude, presence of the rotating gnomon in its center. The movable arc of latitudes is graduated from 0 to 70. The underside of the base plate is engraved with numerous cities (26 backs of the compass and 5 below the plate) with their latitude, including many Spanish cities, Barcelona, Seville, Toledo.

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