Compound Microscope Chest Type Signed DOLLOND London

Compound Microscope Chest Type Signed DOLLOND London


Compound Microscope Chest Type Signed DOLLOND London


29 CM X 13 CM X 14 CM





Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Microscopy, Scientific


The copper alloy body tube holds three lenses and the lower, narrow section of the body has an external thread to take objectives. The body is supported by a ring on an arm attached to the top of the square cross sectioned pillar.

The cruciform stage has a recessed stage hole, two pinholes and a keyhole slot for accessories.

The stage is mounted on a sleeve and can be racked up and down, for focusing.

A pivoting arm holds the mount for the Plano-concave mirror.

The pillar is mounted on a cradle joint on the inside the case and folds flat when not in use.

A section of the side of the case folds out when the instrument is raised.

The accessories present are : four objectives, a Bonani spring stage, a copper alloy sub stage cone, a live box, a conical collar, stage forceps, a  Lieberkühn carrier, a fishplate with a green ribbon, two sliders, a slide micrometre set in copper .

 The case is mahogany and the supports are faced with green felt.

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