Culpeper microscope

Culpeper microscope

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Offered for sale is a typical, fine example of the famous Culpeper-style microscope from the late 18th century.


14x13x33 cm



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UK and Ireland

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Offered for sale is a typical, fine example of the famous Culpeper-style microscope from the late 18th century. This Culpeper type microscope is unsigned and dates within the late 18th century and first quarter of the 19th century. Microscopes such as this are derived from the instruments of the earlier century made by Edmund Culpeper (1670-1737) and his contemporaries.

 It is 26 cm tall, and features the scroll-style body and stage supports typical on microscopes by Dolland of London. The microscope comes with four lenses marked 1 through 4. Other accessories in a drawer are a live-box, stage-forceps, Bonnani spring stage and two uncomplete bone slides. The microscope and stand fit in its own wooden pyramidal case, which is in good condition. The stand has been replaced.

Shipping to Europe is 25€ and 35€ worldwide 


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ES Viafora

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Viafora specialises in antique scientific instruments, especially microscopes. Selling on eBay as 080bcn since 2003, Viafora has a record of excellent customer service.

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