Diptych Sundial late 17th

Diptych Sundial late 17th



late 17th

Country of manufacture



A diptych sundial late 17th by the Karner family.

Dimension: 74x47x13 mm.

Black and red coloring. Compass viewing-hole.

Although dated 1749 in red by a later hand, this beautiful diptych dial can be related to the Karner workshop in Nuremberg during the last quarter of 17th century.

Good comparison can be done with item 36 of Harvard Univ. Collection (Lloyd S., Diptych Sundial 1570-1750, 1992).

Very good condition but no needle and glass.

Ia: Wind rose with 16 points, 16 directions labelled in German.

Ib: Vertical dial labelled VI-XII-VI in black numerals. Decorated with large six-pointed star and alternating red and black circular motifs. On top is engraved 1749 in red, possibly added by an early owner.

IIa: Horizontal dial with a single scale for approx. 48° labelled 5-12-7 in black numerals. Compass bowl with pasted paper windrose. Foliate decoration in red.

IIb: Plain.


The Karner family was a prolificent Nuremberg compass-maker family through generations, spanning from the early 17th century into the 18th.


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