Eye Quackery: Neu-Vita Oculizer in Original Box w. Lid

Eye Quackery: Neu-Vita Oculizer in Original Box w. Lid


Eye Quackery: Neu-Vita Oculizer in Original Box

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UK and Ireland

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The Neu Vita Oculizer was introduced early in the last century for ocular massage in the home . While ocular massage has a long therapeutic history, and many advocates, the oculizer , does not appear to have been held in high regard by the medical community as a device that offered much, if any, benfit in improving vision. This said the company, Neu Vita Eye Institute in London, produced the device from the late 1920s through at least part of the 1960s. A patent had been awarded to Leonard Russell Lacy on December 17, 1931:  British Patent 363,101.Our example shows little evidence of use and comes with the original lidded box,  instructions, and three pairs of boxed extra eye cups in different sizes.

]The instructions say: “The Neu Vita Oculizer is a high-class practical instrument patented and made in England by use of which Massage of the Eyes is accomplished in the most perfect manner yet discovered. The manipulation is over the closed eyelids with eye cups of the correct size so that it is absolutley safe. The effect is soothing – no pain what so ever. Each renewal of the application is a pleasure. It is applied either at night or morning (for a few minutes only) as prescribed, The eyeballs are thus gently massaged and the nerve centre strengthened, conditions absolutely necessary for good eye-sight. The Oculizer consists of a pair of pneumatic bulbs fitted with press button and regulator values. The air tubes are connected with eye cups. These are scientifically correct and their interior constructed so as to correspond with the normal shape of the human eyeball. At the reverse end of the bulbs are two friction cups. The two pneumatic bulbs are connected together by means of an expanding frame, which adjusts the distance between the two eye -cups to correspond to the distance between the eyes. The Oculizer when in operation sets up and maintains a vigorous circulation of fresh blood which brings nourishment to every portion of the eye.”

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