Gautier d’Agoty anatomical print of the heart, plate 13

Gautier d’Agoty anatomical print of the heart, plate 13

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Gautier d’Agoty

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Anatomical print of the heart by Jacques Fabian Gautier d’Agoty made in 1752. Plate 13 was part of the Anatomie generale des viscères en situation, de grandeur et couleur naturelle, avec l’angeologie, et la nevrologie de chaque partie du corps humain (Full edition).

The print is inscribed with ‘Planche XIII de L’Anatomie des Visceres, Dissequez peintz et gravez par Mr Gautier’ and ‘Correction de la neuviene Table Figure 2e ALMK cupe de l’arettet droitte a Q l’extremité de l’oreillete gauche qui recou les veins pulmonaires’. This translates to: “Correction of the ninth Table Figure 2e ALMK, extending from the right atrium to the left atrial appendage covering the pulmonary veins).’

Jacques-Fabien Gautier, later renowned as Gautier D’Agoty (1717-1785), was a French artist proficient in painting, engraving, and printing. Around 1735, he relocated to Paris, where he briefly served as an assistant to Jacob Christoph Le Blon, the pioneer of a trichromatic printing technique utilizing red, yellow, and blue plates. Following Le Blon’s passing in 1741, Gautier assumed control of the enterprise and asserted the prestigious title of “color printing inventor” for himself.

Besides the technical aspect of his works. Gautier D’Agoty did not hesitate to make controversial anatomical prints. The “Flayed Angel” (also known as the “Anatomical Angel”) of 1746 was famous for its depiction of a woman who appears to be alive and that the dissector pulled away muscles like wings to reveal her spine.

Dimensions passe partout: 77,5 x 62 cm.

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