Large Brass Watkins Clinometer – Watts & Son, London, 1941

Large Brass Watkins Clinometer – Watts & Son, London, 1941

Stock Number: Catalogue: NM.5-07


A very fine brass clinometer in original mahogany case.




E.R. Watts & Son

Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Maritime, Technology, Other Maritime Antiques, Calculating, Scales Weights & Measures, Surveying Instruments & Mining


A very fine brass clinometer in original mahogany case. Clinometers have a variety of uses. With this type of clinometer the angle of inclination of a ship can be measured very accurately. For this purpose in still water, along the quay, a heavy weight is moved abeam with the loading equipment. The values found are used in stability calculations.

The instrument consists of a brass frame containing a highly sensitive cylindrical screw, graduated to minutes of a degree. The cylindrical screw is turned up until the spirit level indicates horizontal. Case and instrument have the same number 22991. In the case a correction table of 1942.

 Catalogue: NM.5-07
Date: 1941
HWL case: 82x277x200 mm
Case signed: E.R. Watts & Son, London – 22991 – 1941
Instrument signed: Clinometer Large – E.R. Watts & Son, London – 1941 – No. 22991
Origin: England
Condition: perfect

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