Lodestone – 17th century, France

Lodestone – 17th century, France

Stock Number: NM.6-06


Lodestone mounted in a brass frame with suspension ring on top.

Categories: Maritime, Navigational instruments, Other Maritime Antiques


Lodestone mounted in a brass frame with suspension ring on top. With two pieces of steel at the bottom to increase the magnetic strength of the lodestone. French lilies on all sides. 

Royal Museum Greenwich: The lodestone, made from a piece of magnetite, which is naturally magnetic, was vital in the early centuries of navigation to ensure that the ship’s compass worked properly. Until the mid-18th century, when improved compasses were developed, compass needles lost their magnetism quite quickly and had to be re-magnetised by stroking a lodestone along the needle’s length.

Catalogue: NM.6-06
Date: 1600-1650
HWL: 68x71x53 mm, overall height with ring 130 mm
Signed: not signed
Origin: probably French
Condition: in excellent and working condition, wear consistent with age and use

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