M37 Torpedo steering gyroscope

M37 Torpedo steering gyroscope




Country of manufacture

North America

Categories: Maritime, Navigational instruments


M37 Torpedo steering gyroscope, USA, circa 1960.

Naval Torpedo Station, Keyport, Washington.

Height: 21 cm.

Diameter: 15.5 cm.


The Mark 37 torpedo is a 19″ diameter torpedo with electrical propulsion, developed for the US Navy after World War II. It entered service with the US Navy in the early 1950s. It was phased out of service with the US Navy during the 1970s. The guidance of a Mk37 was done by a gyroscope control during the initial part of its trajectory, where the gyro control achieved a straight run, a passive sonar homing system, and at the last 700 yards (640 m) by a Doppler-enabled active sonar homing, with magnetostrictive transducers operating at 60 kHz.


For more photographs of this gyroscope see our website: https://www.hatchwellantiques.co.uk/stock/m37-torpedo-gyroscope-detail


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