Stalagmometer G .Gerhardt Bonn ca 1890

Stalagmometer G .Gerhardt Bonn ca 1890

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Stalagmometer G .Gerhardt Bonn ca 1890


Box 32 cm wide




C Gerhardt

Country of manufacture


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Stalagmometer G Gerhardt Bon ca 1890 in its original box ,
from the former property of the University of Amsterdam ( see box )
engraved in the glass tube: No 7 C Gerhardt Bonn a RH
the glass bulb is engraved with ; J Traube stalagmometer zur Fusselbestimung 20 vol % =101.2 T 15 C
A similar specimen is in the National Museum of American Histoty
A stalagmometer is a glass instrument that measures the surface tension of a liquid, and that was often used to determine alcoholic concentration. Isidor Traube (1860-1943), a chemistry teacher at the Technische-Hochschule in Berlin, devised the form in the 1880s. The “Verf. V. C. Gerhardt” inscription on this example refers to Carl Heinrich Gerhardt (1846-1907), proprietor of a chemical supply house in Bonn. The inscription on the case reads “C. Gerhardt Bonn.”

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