The 5-volumes catalogue of the most important worldwide private collection of scientific instruments with 928 color illustrations

The 5-volumes catalogue of the most important worldwide private collection of scientific instruments with 928 color illustrations

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KERN (Ralf), Wissenschaftliche instrumente in ihrer zeit, vom 15 bis 19.

5 volumes including : 

-Volume 1 : 15th and 16th centuries (Vom Astrolab zum mathematischen Besteck)

-Volume 2 : 17th century (Vom Compendium zum Einzelinstrument)

-Volume 3 : 18th century (Streben nach Genauigkeit in Zeit und Raum)

-volume 4 : 19th century (Perfektion von Optik und Mechanik). —volume 5 15th to 19th century (Gesamtverzeichnis und Ergänzungen) 

5 volumes of 3104 pages including 740 full color pages of splendid illustration of instruments and 1342 pages of black and with pages with illustrations.


The rich catalogue of the most important worldwide collection of scientific instruments (mostly microscopy, mathematics, timekeeping, gunnery and surveying).

Finally, the complete set of the full collection is available with a very rich illustrations, numerous references and bibliography.


Each volume contains a detailed, illustrated bibliography and a list of scientific instruments with details of designation of the instrument, design, workshop, location, dimensions, material, signature, date, provenance, bibliographical references and commentary with numerous b / w illustrations of drafts, details of signatures and condition. 

The five-volume edition is devoted to scientific instruments from the Middle Ages to modern times. 

Most of the instruments depicted on panels on the full page come from a previously unknown private collection of high quality that has been compiled for generations and, with a few exceptions, are published here for the first time and scientifically recorded. 

The explanations on the history of scientific instruments allow the reader to experience many changes in philosophy, the sciences and the mechanical arts in a kind of time travel through five centuries. 

Both the construction and production of the mathematical and optical instruments as well as the practical handling of them are the main subject of consideration. 

The five-volume work with many narrative passages provides well-founded historical and technical-scientific facts. 

A comprehensive standard work for collectors, scientists and interested not specialist.


The four first volumes was published in 2010 and the fifth volume is newly published in ocotober 2018.

Now, we can offer the full collection for 1500 euros (all new under plastic) + shipping costs :

-For France : 35 euros

-For European Union (and switzerland) : 75 euros

-For all country of of European Union : 180 euros


Each volume is available separatly for 330 euros + shipping costs :

-For France : 20 euros

-For European Union (and switzerland) : 25 euros

-For all country of of European Union : 60 euros


For the collector or institutions who already owned the four first volumes, the fifth volume is also available separately for 340 euros shipping costs, which includes of all the recent acquisitions of this last 10 years ago until september 2018.

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Established by Alexandre Piffault in 2014 and based in Paris at 5 rue de Condé, 75006, very close to Odéon, Le Zograscope specializes in antique and rare books in Science, Medicine and Technology, and rare antique instruments in the same fields. We have especially a strong interest in early and continental microscopy, early and special mathematical/drawing instruments, medical and surgical instrument, and rare technology.
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