Withering Microscope, Unique Type

Withering Microscope, Unique Type

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This is a unique type, probably a one-off, of Withering's second class of botanical microscope.



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UK and Ireland

Categories: Scientific, Microscopy, Mineralogy & Gemmology, Natural history


The “Withering-type Microscope” is named for its inventor, Dr. William Withering (1741-1799), an English physician and botanist who graduated with a degree in medicine 1766 in Edinburgh. Inspired by the taxonomic work and systematic classification of Carl Linnæus (1707-1778), Withering (1776) applied the Linnaean taxonomic system of classification to British plants in a seminal, two-volume work, A Botanical arrangement of all the vegetables naturally growing in the British Isles. More about this pattern can be seen here: https://www.microscopehistory.com/withering-1785

This later design has an all-metal stand that collapses into the wooden case and lacks the printed instructions page glued into the inner part of it.

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