16 Inches Terrestrial Library Floor Globe Signed Cram 1930

16 Inches Terrestrial Library Floor Globe Signed Cram 1930


16 Inches Terrestrial Library Floor Globe Signed Cram 1930 on mahogany foot


41 Cm diameter 16 Inches





Country of manufacture

North America

Categories: Scientific, Globes & Orreries


16-inches diameter; 40 inches total height. On mahogany four-legged Duncan Phyfe style stand. Globe and horizon 
A handsome full-sized floor globe on a traditional Duncan Phfye style stand.  Ocean currents are indicated with yellow directional arrows. A reference key indicates the map scales and the symbols for warm and cold ocean currents.

There is a figure-eight analemma in the Pacific Ocean. 
Manchuria is shown as “Manchoukuo,” as it was known after the Japanese invaded the area and established a puppet state from 1932 to 1945 (also sometimes spelled “Manchukuo”). Istanbul is shown
The stand is American, in the English taste, typical of this period. Such globe stands were replicas of George III globe stands made in London in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, but were commonly referred to as Duncan Phyfe style after the New York cabinetmaker who embraced the late Georgian style in producing tripod tables with bases in similar form to the globe stand, and other related furniture. The terrestrial globe is surmounted by a tin hour circle, in full cast iron meridian with raised numerals and encircled by an undecorated horizon band with reeded edge. The mahogany stand has a horizon band supported by four quadrants, a central turned standard with reeded baluster, on four molded down swept legs. Horizon circle maybe restored.

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