A Very Fine 19th Century Ottoman Brass Qalamdan Divit Traveling Inkwell Pen Case

A Very Fine 19th Century Ottoman Brass Qalamdan Divit Traveling Inkwell Pen Case

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This magnificent Turkish brass traveling quill or reed pen holder (Divit) with attached inkwell (Qalamdan) is from the period of the Ottoman Empire. These pen cases were used by official calligraphers and itinerary scribes, who would travel for business or sit near the city gate and write legal or administrative documents for illiterate citizens. These solid brass cases, sometimes highly decorated such as this one, were designed to be tucked into hanging under the belt. Handmade with beautiful deep engraved inscriptions and floral decorations allowed by Islam. The lidded pen case and seashell-like cupped inkwell were made to be portable and protective of their delicate contents.


Lenrth: 26 cm



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The Divit Qalamdan was used by calligraphers to store their brushes or their feathers in the long pen box, and dry ink in the square container. Their use was very frequent during travels, and they were thus often carried by scribes serving merchants and representatives of the government.

The Inkwell and holder are heavy and solid. Age-related wear appears in places, and traces of ink are found in the container. The copper hinges function well. The item has a very attractive stable patina but no chlorides or other deteriorating issues. 

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