Early 19th c. ‘Improved telescope’ by Richardson.

Early 19th c. ‘Improved telescope’ by Richardson.




Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Telescopes, Telescopes - Refracting


This telescope has a large pancratic eye-piece tube (variable power) and is signed, ‘Richardson, London’, and also engraved with a letter ‘A’ on the eye-piece and additionally engraved on the first draw, ‘Adjustment for Greater Magnification power, for Day or Night’.

Also around the back collar, ‘Improved Telescope’.

Quite a large two draw telescope (3 draw if you include the pancratic draw) measuring 45.5″ fully extended and 15.5″ closed.

It has a ray shade with a removable end cap and sliders at both ends.

When viewing the telescope magnifies between 14 and 24 x giving a clear, sharp image.

The eye-piece is lockable in low power.

A rare example of this type of telescope, circa 1820’s.

In good condition throughout . Thin crack to the wooden barrel.

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