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A near complete, comprehensive and very fine Ross binocular microscope with extensive and unusual accessories c.1875

Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

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Number 3734, this 20 inch (22 inches extended) all brass polarising, binocular microscope has rarely been used and has 99% of it’s original golden lacquer.  Wenham patented prism head (see photo), geared and divided circular mechanical stage, geared and divided polarising substage, 3 inch double sided mirror as well as an extensive array of accessories in a separate case (18 x 11 x 4 inches) and TWO bullseye condensers (one of which is 5 inches in diameter). Magnificent flame mahogany case with inset brass carrying handles on the sides and key. No issues. Optics are clear and the mechanical fuctions are smooth and tight. Mass 25 kg. This microscope will be shipped in 3 boxes (case with disassembled microscope, accessories and the bullseyes separately) to ensure safe delivery.

As you can see from the photos, this was a special order microscope from the Ross workshop e.g. I have never seen a dual bullseye model before nor have I seen an accessory case that has a slide compartment running the full length of the box. There are some gaps in the accessory case which could be filled in time (mainly stage and slide making options).

What is there, is impressive (see photos):

9 objectives (from 4 inch down to 1/8)

8 eyepieces (4 to be used as a monocular scope-C through F)

6 substage (simple and polarising)

4 live boxes

2 Lieberkuhns

3 stage implements (bullseye, forceps and concave mirror)

1 frog/fish plate

and the “usual” array of analysers, polarisers, stops, double objective changer, stage and substage accessories and hand forceps.

More detailed photos upon request.


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