Curved Clinical Thermometer by Wilson Parry: patented 1912

Curved Clinical Thermometer by Wilson Parry: patented 1912


Curved Clinical Thermometer by Wilson Parry: patented 1912



Category: Diagnostics


Quoting Phisick’s excellent description of a virtually identical example:

The thermometer is inscribed ‘The curved clinical. Pat 718/12’ which dates to 1912. On the other side the gradations are from 95 to 107 degrees fahrenheit. It is housed in a fitted velvet and silk lined leather case along with a silver plated rod which by means of a screw allows the thermometer to be secured anywhere along its length in a number of different configurations.

In a BMJ article on the 18th May 1912 the inventor lists the advantages of this instrument over straight thermometers. These are that is easily placed sublingually, that the thermometer obtains a more accurate reading being fully submerged, that it is easier to shake the mercury down and that the shape avoids damage from teeth. Whatever the claims it did not find common use and these thermometers are few and far between. Length of case: 3″ or 7.5 cm. approx.

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